Happy Home Secrets ! ( Series 1- Adam and Eve)
Mr.R. Rajasingh
We have to Understand

1. As long as Adam & Eve did God’s will,they were the Happiest Couple.Do God’s Will always.

2. God’s Ruling was evident.Satan wanted to overthrow it.And he succeeded.Never by pass God’s Ruling in your life.HE is Lord & God.Consult HIM for bigger & smaller issues too.At Home also,Husband & Wife to consult with each other.When Children are grown,with them too.

3. God’s Rules are for our own Safety & Happiness.Adam was given the job of working & care taking of the Garden of Eden.He should have taken care of Eve too.The fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of good & evil was forbidden from eating.Small rules but greater safety.When the Commandments were broken the Family was a lost one .Do have family Rules .What God has taught you,never throw them out at any cost.!

4. God visited them at the cool of the day.Great Daily Communion time they had with the Heavenly Father.Have regular Family Prayer time.Though you may be busy,but fix a particular time, both in the morning & evening .Families that Prays to-gether are the Happiest Families because they meet God at their Family altars.It’s the time to Praise,Share & Pray for daily needs.Impossiblities are made possible.Try.!

5. Adam & Eve were naked.God’s Glory was around.100% Transparency they had .Try your level best to share everything with your Spouse.That make your union so strong. Never hide even smaller things.

6. When Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruit & disobeyed,they were sent out of the Garden of Eden.If they had asked God’s pardon,the Great God of Creation,would have forgiven them.Let every day be a forgiven day of the Lord.And pardon from each other too if the other one or both are hurt.Never go to bed with grudge or with un-forgiving spirit.

7. The first murder happended in Adam & Eve’s family.The eldest murdered the youngest.Disobedience by the Parents brought curse to the next generation.Let your Children & Older Parents be blessed by your obedience.Be a Blessing.!


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